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Personal Message from Dr. Cooper

Image shows Dr. Bryan Cooper of Eastern Headache and Spine, Greenville, NCHi, I'm Dr. Bryan Cooper of Eastern Headache and Spine. We are a new neurology, back pain and and headache treatment center in the middle of Greenville, North Carolina.

Unfortunately, 8 out of ten of us suffer from back pain and headache during our lives. A large majority suffer silently only letting loved ones know. I can tell you your co-workers and neighbors also notice your pain.

There are many reasons that start back pain and headaches (often car wrecks, assault, and accidents). At Eastern Headache and Spine, I am commited to providing you with the best medical care. I will examine your neurological problems, look into your back pain, and try to solve your headache dilemmas. I offer effective options such as nerve-locks, epidural infusions, facet injections and various immediate and long-term options. We are accepting new patients.

Please Call 215-3067 to set up an appointment.

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